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What is Keedoo and why did you build it?
Kids change your social circles completely. And yet there is no single place online where you can gather all of the other families you meet throughout your life as a parent. Everyone's using different messengers or social networks, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all this. Plus, those tools do not address well specific needs of the parent. We grew tired of this, so we've build Keedoo - a dedicate app for you to gather all of the parents you know in one list to chat, share news, announcements and events.
How do I join Keedoo?
First of all, you'll need our app. It's free and you can download it from App Store for iOS or from Google Play for Android. Secondly, you'll need an invitation from one of the current Keedoo members in order to create an account. You can enter your phone number in our app to check if you've already been invited.
Why do I need an invite to join Keedoo?
It's all about the safety of the community. Since your family's profile may also contain information about your kids, it is vital to make sure that only parents you know personally can see that. Each Keedoo member gets a limited amount of invites they can use to invite more people to Keedoo. In addition to it, on the profile of each member you can also see who has invited them. The combination of these two factors means you can be sure that Keedoo has real parents and no bad actors.
How do I find or add parents I know?
There are three ways to add parents to your Parents list on Keedoo. The first one is giving us a permission to match your contacts. If someone from your phone book is already using Keedoo, they will automatically be added to your Parents list - it works like any other messenger really. The second one is searching for parents using their usernames and adding them. And the third one is using up your invitations to invite more people to Keedoo. To do that, tap Add People icon in the top right corner of the Parents page and tap "Invite" on the contact. Please note that you may not see that icon if you haven't yet given us a permission to access your contacts.
Who can see my profile or the profile of my kid?
Only parents in your list can see your full profile, containing the information about your kids. If someone else finds you through a group chat or by username, they will be limited to seeing only your name and a profile picture and nothing about your kids. If you wish for someone from your Parents list to stop seeing this info, tap and hold on that contact to delete it from your Parents list.
How do I share announcements or news?
Go to Chats page and at the top left corner, underneath page's title, you'll see "Your News". Tap on that and you'll be able to type in your news or announcement, as well as change the the background color. After you are done, tap Share and select who will be able to see those news. Keep in mind that each bit of News expires after 24 hours.
What type of news or announcements can I share?
From parenting advice to playdate plans - you can ask your fellow parents just about anything. Alternatively, you can use "News" to announce certain events, like school trips or birthday parties, only to members of the certain group chats you are in.
How do I chat with someone?
Easy! If the person is in your "Parents" list, just tap on them, the chat will open and you can send that parent a message.
Can I chat with more than one person?
You absolutely can! Go to "Chats" page and in the top right corner there is a button for creating groups. Tap on it, select the people you want to add to the group, name it and voila - you can now chat with multiple people. Create groups for your kids' classes or neighbors you usually go to playdates with.
I want to edit the profile of my family. How do I do that?
On the main navigation bar, tap the icon on the right to open your Profile or Settings page. Tap on box with your name there to view your profile and then tap anywhere to edit your profile, or tap on the name of your kiddo to edit their profile.
Is my chat secure?
Is it safe to use Keedoo? Is my information protected?
Your information and data entered in Keedoo are 100% protected. And we don’t expect you to drop off your kids at playdates with families you may not know. So we encourage you to first meet parents and spend some time on playdates with them to establish a connection. Then, once you are comfortable, you can arrange supervised playdates while you go enjoy some time to yourself.
Why should I use Keedoo instead of just texting or Facebooking my contacts?
Coordinating playdates can be challenging and tedious. On Keedoo you simply send a detailed playdate invite to as many guests as you like with just a few taps, includes date, time, location, notes, list of guests and all of their contact information in one simple screen shot.
Is Keedoo free to use?
Keedoo is free to download and free to use!

Feel free to reach out this form if you have any additional questions.
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